About Prudhoe

Prudhoe,is a thriving town of 12,000  people and growing all the time.

Prudhoe is a friendly place  where the locals want to get to know you.

Four out of five people rate Pruhoe as a good place to live.

Prudhoe sits in Thomas Bewick Country, which inspired the world famous wood engraver to start painting as a boy at Cherryburn.

Prudhoe has excellent bus and rail links to Newcastle and is only 20 minutes from the airport.

Prudhoe Community High School moved into a brand new building last year and is rated ‘Good’ by Ofsted.

Prudhoe Castle guards the river crossing and was never conquered.  It was painted by JMW Turner.

Prudhoe is taken to mean ‘Proud Heights’ as it is sits high above the River Tyne and as we are proud of it!

Prudhoe has an unrivalled parade of independent shops including a wool shop, an art gallery, a craft shop and the largest hardware store for miles around.

Prudhoe Riverside Park is a gem with walks and cycles rides and a weekly Park Run.

Prudhoe Waterworld has the best gym and swimming pool for miles around.

Prudhoe boasts a diverse business community with jobs in telecommunications and in paper milling and much else but no longer in coal mining.